21 May 2019, Tuesday, 9:08
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Chyzh’s Friend And CEO Of Servolux Arrested

Yauhen Baskin (on the left) and Yury Chizh
Photo: ced.by

(updated) The head of CJSC Servolux Yauhen Baskin and four his subordinates were arrested in Mahiliou.

This was reported by human rights activists from Mahiliou, whom the relatives of the detained requested assistance.

“Baskin and four other members of his team were detained yesterday. The relatives of the arrested, whose names they didn’t want to name, came to us. According to them, the detention happened in the office of the organization on March 14. The detention was performed by the KGB officers,”Barys Bukhel, a human rights activist, said to Svaboda.

When asked to confirm the detention of Yauhen Baskin, the Mahiliou office of Servolux answered: “No comments”.

Servolux is considered the major poultry producer in Belarus.

Yauhen Baskin is called one of the most successful businessmen in Belarus. He created a group of companies Servolux known under the brands of Piatrukha, Brothers Grill, Waterlily. It includes poultry farms, meat and dairy plants, feed stuff mills.

Yauhen Baskin rented Mahiliou broiler poultry farms in 2002. In 2006 it was privatized with Aliaksandr Lukashenka’s permission. The group of companies Servolux owns a third of the Belarusian poultry manufacturing market. Baskin is called the King of the Birds.

Journalists of Nasha Niva asked the company to confirm or deny this information. The company neither denied, nor confirmed the fact of detention.

“The company is working, goods are shipped, people are busy,” – the journalists were informed.

– Is Baskin in the office?

– I cannot say. But Yauhen was, is and will continue to be the CEO of the company.

As the website charter97.org has previously reported, Yury Chyzh, the owner of the Triple company, was arrested last Friday.

Yauhen Baskin was a friend of Chyzh. It is known that he attended the wedding of the son of the oligarch.

Baskin is considered to be one of the most successful and influential businesspersons in Belarus. It is still unknown what he is charged with.

Late last year, criminal cases were initiated against two large entities, which, similar to Baskin, were involved in feed production and import of feed additives. These were Biokom LLC – a company of Senator Andrew Pawlowski and Consul CJSC – a company of the Gilmanov brothers. They were charged with tax evasion.

Additionally, there still goes the trial of the former director of the Vitsebsk broiler farm Senator Hanna Shareika, who was considered a business rival of Baskin.