27 May 2019, Monday, 7:55
For our and your freedom!

Hrodna Poles Defend Right To Learn Their Mother Tongue Free Of Charge


The “Uczmy się polskiego!” information campaign has been launched in Hrodna.

It has been initiated by the head of the unrecognized Union of Poles Andzelika Borys. The main aim of the campaign is to spread among Hrodna residents the information about possibilities of studying the Polish language in public schools.

According to the Constitution of Belarus, this possibility is guaranteed free of charge. Many citizens do not know about it and send their children to fee-paying courses of the Polish language, instead of demanding free training from the school administration.

Andzelika Borys, the Chairman of the Main Council of the Union of Poles, believes that such situation exists due to the hostile attitude of the Lukashenka regime to the Poles in Belarus. “The situation with the Polish schools reflects the political situation in Belarus. The Union of Poles, which has fought, created, built Polish school here is not recognized by the authorities and cannot exist officially. The Polish language is being forced out of the public education system,” – Andzelika Borys said while commenting to Radio Racyja.

More than 30 volunteers joined the action «Uczmy się polskiego!» They are going to spread information among the Hrodna dwellers on the possibility for their children to learn Polish language free of charge in public schools.

The action will last during the summer. The organizers of the actions believe that in the future the action can cover other regions of the country inhabited by the representatives of the Polish minority.

Let us remind that many schools in Hrodna abolished the free optional classes of the Polish language from the beginning of the academic year 2015/2016.