19 July 2019, Friday, 5:48
We are in the same boat

Padhol, Taustyka Withdraw From “Elections”


Before this, the activists carried out a photo shoot on horsebacks and claimed mass falsifications.

Candidates for deputies of the “chamber of representatives” of the National Assembly Uladzimir Padhol and Aliaksandr Taustyka announced their withdrawal from the electoral race.

The photo shoot of Padhol and Taustyka preceded this statement. In the morning on September 9, the ex-candidates took pictures on horsebacks, holding the white-red-white flags in their hands, as well as the flags of the European Union, the United States and the United Kingdom, BelaPAN news agency informs.

Uladzimir Padhol has said the following to the journalists: “We have demonstrated to the Belarusian people that one needs to be on a horse and with a “Chaser” even if there is no strength to win. Lukashenka with his son Kolya, and Yarmoshyna vote at my precinct. I don’t want them to hold a ballot with my name on it. This is my personal motivation. Therefore, I quit, in order to protest against falsifications and against my name getting into their hands.”