24 September 2017, Sunday, 11:42

Alexey Arestovich: Let's Support Tactical Group "Belarus"


The famous Ukrainian analyst, military analyst and blogger called to support the Belarusians fighting for Ukraine at the Donbass.

Alexey Arestovich wrote about this on Facebook:

"Guys from the tactical group "Belarus" have been fighting in ATO since summer 2014.

These people, who have decided to defend our homeland, have burned the bridges behind their backs, because now their homecoming means heavy jail terms for them.

But they are here. Our Belarusian brothers stand, shielding Ukraine, between the bullets from the Russian side and the inability to return to their motherland.

They die, but stand.

Now they are seeking our help.

Our unindifference is literally a question of survival for them, because in their situation they are in fact deprived of the opportunity to earn money, which, in particular, are required to help the families of the dead and wounded soldiers.

– For your and our freedom, brothers!..


1. Privatbank 4149 6258 0009 7980 Dushaeva

2. WebMoney U648186160980, Z199660004837, E228502410263

3. On other issues write at [email protected]

Long live Belarus!"

Alexey Arestovich's post has got over 1300 "likes" within a short time.