24 September 2017, Sunday, 11:42

German Activist: Stop This Fuss About The So-Called Viza-Free Trips To Belarus

Peter Liesegang

"Visa-free trips" are only a step for show and it bears no real change.

Peter Liesegang, the activist of the German-Belarusian Society, wrote about it on Facebook.

"Dear friends in Belarus and dear friends of Belarus, please, stop this fuss about the so-called "visa-free trips" to Belarus. Yes, it's kind of a positive moment, that people flying to Belarus will be able to stay there without visa for up to 5 days," – he writes.

However, the activist wonders, for whom it may be useful.

"mainly, for those people, for whom it wasn't really difficult to get the visa. Anyone on the "black list" will not be allowed to enter the country anyway," – Liesegang notes.

According to him, the regulation, which would allow all inhabitants of the border areas near Poland, Lithuania and Latvia to enter Belarus to meet with friends and family for five days without a visa, would be a big step.

"this would be a really big step, which would allow to expand contacts, which would allow real communication and exchange," – the activist thinks.

However, at the moment, this step is nothing but a "PR" of the Belarusian regime, Liesegang thinks.

"Those who are already able to enter the country, will just be able to do it easier, but no real changes have happened. A perfect step of the regime, which goes on with the so-called "liberalization". Yes, this is a positive moment, but supporting this fuss you support the goals of the regime, which only pretends to carry out the "liberalization". So, please be a little more thoughtful and more critical," – he writes.

Peter Liesegang is a freelancer, he organizes training for journalists from Eastern Europe in Germany, he has previously organized Chernobyl programs and educational programs.