16 January 2018, Tuesday, 12:52

BCD Activist: We Will Protect Our Informational Space For Sake Of Belarus’ Independence


Pavel Prakapovich has been fined for Bn 1150 for participation in an action of support for “Belsat TV”.

Judge of the Leninski district court of Minsk Sviatlana Miatlionak sentenced coordinator of the BCD in Minsk region Pavel Prakapovich to pay the fine of 50 base fees (Bn 1150) for the participation in the action “Switch off NTV, Switch on Belsat” on December 20.

«I watch “Belsat” very often, online. I enjoy news bulletins, “Objective”, “Hot Comment”, “People’s Issues”, “I Have a Right”, “Expert’s Discussion”. After the statements of the Polish government about the intention to cut financing for “Belsat”, we, its constant viewers, lived in some new reality for several weeks. Now we can sigh with relief. I really want to trust in Poland, the greatness of which lies in its adherence to the ideals of democratic values, solidarity, and longing to build a strong Europe, also with Belarus,” - the activist has noted in a comment to the website bchd.info.

“Independent media, and “Belsat” TV-channel in particular, remain vital for Belarus. We need to do our best to expand their influence in Belarus. Unfortunately, the pro-Russian media dominate in the informational space of our country. Apart from “Belsat”, which was forced to broadcast from Poland, we have no independent TV-channels. Moreover, we have no TV-channel of the fraternal Ukraine, even with partial regional coverage, in the social package of TV-channels. Why do the Belarusian citizens have to learn the news about the war at the territory of Ukraine from the informational bulletins of the aggressor country? The war is being held in the informational space of Belarus, and Belarusians are suffering great losses. The protected informational space remains an important pre-condition of independence,” – Pavel Prakapovich has added.