19 October 2017, Thursday, 15:56

Vasil Shlyndzikau: Murauiou Trial - Signal To All Investors


After the trial against the “Motovelo” owner, it seems unlikely anyone would ever want to invest in Belarus.

Former CEO of the company “Amkodor” Vasil Shlyndzikau has told Radio Racyja like the authorities “raise” the country’s attractiveness for the investors.

On January 30, the Frunzenski district court of Minsk will make the sentence against the owner of “Motovelo” JSC and the glass factory “Yalizava” Aliaksandr Murauiou. The Public Prosecutor demanded 12 years of imprisonment with property confiscation for fraud, tax evasion and assistance in a crime. Murauiou pleaded innocent since the very beginning.

— I haven’t seen such an absurd accusation since long ago! This is just ridiculous! They want to put a man, who invested (or wasted) 20 million dollars in a former state-owned enterprise, in jail for 12 years! This is hard to imagine! In any independent court these accusations would have fallen apart, and the defendant would have been accepting apologies and getting compensation for the time spent behind the bars. However, this is not about us. This case has also shown that those who organized it were either the people very poorly educated in the sphere of the economic law, or people with special features of character. After the revolution of 1917, there appeared certain “comrades” who liked ratting out their colleagues, neighbours and close people, when they realized they were better under certain characteristics. The law seems more humanized today – less executions. But it is still horrible when a Public Prosecutor demands to imprison a young smart businessman who wanted to invest 20 million dollars into an enterprise, but not everything went good.

— This is a sort of a paradox – the authorities keep inviting investors to the country, telling about the wonderful conditions for work, and at the same time carry out such trials against investors…

— Sometimes I feel like they have activated some program to destroy the business elite in Belarus. In fact, it causes great damage to the country’s economy. This program works perfectly, like a conveyer. Sometimes it looks scary. The trial against Murauiou is a signal to all investors. After such trials, no one will ever want to invest here the money which they can lose any moment and go to jail.