16 January 2018, Tuesday, 12:53

Cost Of Water For Minsk Residents Went Up By 50 Per Cent


In 2017, capital residents will reimburse 75% of the water charges.

The projected level of reimbursing the costs of the water supply and sanitation services by the population of Minsk will reach 75% in 2017, Deputy Director for Economy and Finance of the UE Minskvodakanal Inessa Ksiandzova reported at the press conference on January 11, BelTA informs.

"As for the percentage of compensation for the water supply and sanitation services by the population, this figure exceeded 50% in 2016, – Inessa Ksiandzova said. – You can expect it in 2017, it will reach 75% in accordance with the government's regulations."

According to the decision of the Ministerial Council, the charges for the water supply and sanitation services, subsidized by the state, have increased by about 90% in Minsk, starting with January 1. The full compensation tariffs for these services have not changed.