19 October 2017, Thursday, 15:56

Ministry Of Agriculture Ordered Maintenance Of Aquarium For 1,000 Euros


The aquarium, maintenance of which costs taxpayers 2 thousand rubles, stands in the minister's outer office.

A tender from the Ministry of Agriculture has appeared on the site providing information on the public procurements. The unusual position "Maintenance of aquarium" attracts attention. The Ministry of Agriculture plans to spend 2000 rubles on this, Euroradio reports.

Ihar Sadouski, a procurement manager of the Ministry of Agriculture, admitted that it was not some specific aquarium with a new breed of carp or crucian, but an ordinary one. And it stands in the minister's outer office: "It's an ordinary decorative aquarium with fish. And it is, as you know, the estimated amount. Depending on how the procedure of search of the providers of services will go on, the price may fall. Can it increase? I don't think so. These services are provided once a year and we always try to reduce the cost. Because in this case we can reallocate these funds and use them for other purposes."

An outer office secretary of the minister could tell a bit more about the aquarium, which maintenance costs taxpayers 1000 Euros: "Yes, there is an aquarium there. Why? I don't know how many fishes are there. They multiply there as they want. A lot of fishes are swimming there, half are hiding. How can I count them? We feed them with fish food. I don't know the volume of the aquarium. It's big, maybe 300-400 liters."

Thanks to the site of public procurements we can monitor the appetite of the fish from the ministerial aquarium. In 2014 the fish could eat fill only at 385 Euros in the equivalent, while next year the Ministry was ready to spend 770 Euros on fish food, in 2016 – 745. Thus, 2017 with 100 Euros may become the best in the life of the aquarium from the outer office of the country's Minister of Agriculture. By the way, this year, the Ministry of Agriculture is planning to spend about the same amount - 1000 rubles – on advanced training of its employees and their participation in seminars.