19 October 2017, Thursday, 15:56

Mother Of Large Family Deprived Of Children In Order Not To Be Given Housing


Kobryn authorities took away the children even without a court order.

Such a decision, based solely on the findings of the commission on juvenile affairs, is against the law. At that, there are no document supported facts, stating that the children were socially deprived.

Therefore, now the mother is forced to fight for the children, and not to resolve the housing problem. Belsat reports in details about this.

Mother of a large family Nelli Dzitkouskaya from the village of Tseuli in Kobryn district was deprived of four children. The commission on juvenile affairs of the Kobryn District Executive Committee decreed that they needed state protection.

"It’s written without proof that we misuse alcohol, although there’s no evidence of this," – Nelli says.

The local police has not submitted any reports of detention

No one has seen Nelli and her cohabiting partner Uladzimir drunk. There are no document supported facts of bullying or violence. Just in word.

"The last time I asked them, on my own responsibility, to keep order and not to get drunk. But no matter when you come – they are knee-deep in mud... okay, they put things in order, then I came – he was drunk again, " – local police officer Siarhei Zholah says.

Neighbors do not confirm alcohol abuse in the family

The locals deny accusations that the children go to school dirty.

"We go to work together, he is always sober", – neighbor Alena says.

"There are four children, the children do not cry, do not run around, do not ask for food," – neighbor Volha adds.

The villagers have no admonitions at work. Nelli works as a milkmaid, and Uladzimir is a field-crop grower.

Why were the children taken away?

The mother of four children says that it is due to the housing problem.

"I’ve been on the list to improve housing conditions since 2010. And it is easier for them not to improve my conditions, but to take the children away, that’s less of a problem," – the mother of many children says.

The housing, which has been offered to the large family to improve the conditions was not suitable for living in. The roof was leaking, the plaster crumbled off the walls, and the inhabitants of the neighboring apartments made the water pipeline themselves.

Representatives of local authorities evaded the issue

Human rights activists argue that the officials violate family rights and children's rights, taking the children away without charge or trial.

"We believe that this is an abuse of power, incompetence, and this is not done for the family’s benefit," – human rights activist Aleh Vouchek commented on the situation.

Fighting in such a situation is difficult

However, the human rights activist notes that there is no appropriate legal basis in our country.

As a result, Nelli and Uladzimir are now forced to fight not for the improvement of living conditions, which they are entitled to, but for returning the children back home.