24 September 2017, Sunday, 11:42

Minskers On Christmas Tournament Of Lukashenka: They Are Blowing People's Money

Residents of the capital are outraged at pointless waste of budget money.

The dictator hold an opening ceremony of the Christmas International Tournament of Hockey Amateurs at the sports complex "Arena Chizhovka". The participants were to compete for the prizes provided by Lukashenka. He put on the skates too to defeat the national team of the United Arab Emirates, which was not actually fighting back seriously, "Belsat" reports.

Until hockey is a favorite fun of the ruler, Belarusians will have to watch the tournaments and the money vanishing from the state budget, while the country's economy is sinking deeper and deeper into crisis.

Is not it too costly to hold such events when the Belarusian economy is in crisis? Journalists questioned passers-by in the streets of the capital.

"They'd rather spent the money on treatment of children instead of collecting them from people. They are simply blowing people's money," – a passer-by expressed his opinion.

"I am not interested in Belarusian hockey, as it is at the level of a back yard hockey," – a man says.

According to the sports columnist Aliaksandr Putsila Christmas tournament is promoted with obtrusiveness.

"All news start with this hockey. They broadcast those matches and it's expensive. It's even on the screens around the city, I think it's too much," – Aliaksandr Putsila says.