25 January 2020, Saturday, 13:30
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Expert: Violations At Belarusian NPP Can Significantly Increase Its Danger

Expert: Violations At Belarusian NPP Can Significantly Increase Its Danger

What can be the consequences of the emergency situations during the construction of the Astravets nuclear power plant?

In connection with the publication "What is hidden behind the walls of the" exemplary" construction of Belarusain NPP", Solidarity gathered the opinions of various people about the construction of the first Belarusian nuclear power plant:

Heorhi Lepin, physicist, doctor of technical sciences, professor:

— The construction of the nuclear power plant is a very responsible thing. Everything should be built strictly according to the drawings, there should not be any deviations. If such violations suddenly occur somewhere, then in time this will come out to the surface. In Chernobyl, there seemed to be minor mistakes and misses, but it ended with a disaster.

Andrei Ozharovsky, engineer-physicist, participant of the Belarusian anti-nuclear campaign (Moscow):

— This is not the first information about the problems in the course of the NPP construction by Rosatom in Belarus. Unfortunately, even in the construction of nuclear power plants in Russia, blatant violations of construction technology have also been noted. For example, on July 17, 2011, 1200 tons of metal structures collapsed on the construction of the protective shell of the reactor building of the first power unit of the Second Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant.

There were reports of machinations with the quality of concrete, the failure to comply with the technology of concreting.

Of course, if there are curved walls at an administrative building or at a canteen of the nuclear power plant — this is not such a big problem. But if they are in the reactor and turbine buildings, such violations can seriously increase the danger of the nuclear power plant under construction.