23 September 2018, Sunday, 2:38
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Natallia Papkova: Thousands Of Other Women Are To Take My Stand


Every Belarusian, who cares about the future of his country, must come to Kastrychnitskaya Square in Minsk on October 21 at 14-00.

Natallia Papkova, an activist of the Belarusian National Congress, wrote about it on Facebook:

– The country, where the activists and politicians who support the democratic values of the whole European family are arrested, is not democratic. People have the right to vote in free countries, and the public opinion is respected there. Our country is still ruled by a hypocritical dictatorship that has robbed its people, intimidating them and doing its best to remove activists and those who are ready to fight and defend freedom in our country. But we are not afraid, we are ready to make all the sacrifices for the sake of building a free democratic state.

The Belarusians are worthy and hardworking people, and we will prove this on October 21 at 14-00. If I am behind bars at this time, thousands of other women who want a future for their children, worthy salaries, worthy pensions, will take my stand. Belarusians, wake up and do not be afraid. We are invincible when united. We are industrious people and will demand respect for ourselves, complete abolition of Decree No. 3, which is the abuse of people and a laughingstock for the whole world.

Every citizen of Belarus who cares about the fate of his country, the destiny of his children, must come to Kastrychnitskaya Square in Minsk on October 21 at 14-00 and say "No!" to the decree on "parasitism", as well as the lawlessness and impunity of the ruling "elite" and the illegitimate president. Long live Belarus! Basta!