16 August 2018, Thursday, 20:40

"Maniac With Chainsaw" Attacked Supervising Officers In Shklou Colony


The attack occurred when the convict was taken for a walk.

Uladzislau Kazakevich attacked supervising officers in the Shklou colony, BelTA informs referring to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus. We remind that he was sentenced to 15 years of prison for attacking visitors in the Europe shopping center: he killed one woman and wounded another two.

On October 12, at about 10.40, when Uladzislau Kazakevich was being taken for a walk in the Shklou penal colony No. 17, during the standard screening procedure, the metal detector went off in the area of his left sleeve.

"The convict was asked to give the prohibited object away, but he, without fulfilling the demands of the military squad, whipped away with his right hand a hand-made knife from his sleeve and tried to attack a colony administration officer. Convicted Uladzislau Kazakevich was disarmed due to the professional, competent actions of the military squad head – senior supervising officer Aliaksei Kuzan, and the military squad personnel," – the Interior Ministry spokesman Kanstantsin Shalkevich informed.

Currently, the investigative and operational group is working on the scene.

We remind that on October 8, the young man with a chainsaw made an attack in the Europe shopping center, as a result of which 43-year-old seller Alena Aliaksandronets was killed, another two women were injured. At the time of the crime, the guy was only 17 years old, the court sentenced him to the maximum possible punishment for a minor – 15 years of imprisonment.