21 October 2018, Sunday, 16:24
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‘How Could They Lose Aliaksandr For Five Days In Army?’


The ensign and the sergeant of the military unit, where Aliaksandr Korzhych died, have been arrested.

Investigators and operativists, who are handling the case of Aliaksandr Korzhych’s death in the military unit, are now working in Pinsk.

Family and relatives of the deceased soldier met with them on Thursday. On Wednesday, the detectives interrogated Aliaksandr’s friends.

One of the closest friends of Aliaksandr Korzhych Illia informed to Radio Liberty that he had already testified in this case: “I hardly spoke to the investigators, it was a formal interrogation and nothing more. I said that Aliaksandr hadn’t told much about tortures and beating in the army. I can only note that ensign Yahor S., who somehow had Aliaksandr’s credit card and used it; and Sergeant Yauhen B. Are now detained and Barysau and are held in the military custody.”

Aliaksandr Korzhych served as a conscript in the military unit #43064. Close friends visited him quite often, including Pinsk resident Dzmitry Kozak:

“Approximately in two weeks after Aliaksandr went to the army, he started complaining it was hard for him to get used to it. He complained he could not get enough sleep, that the food was bad and insufficient. However, he said first everything was normal. When we came to visit Aliaksandr on July 16, his credit card was already taken by ensign Yahor S. And then Aliaksandr asked us to order a printout of all the transactions made by this card, and bring him. We brought the papers and it got clear that the card was actively used by many, it “traveled” almost all over the country.”

Dzmitry Kozak does not believe in the suicide version:

“See, they discharged him from the medical unit on September 26, and no one looked for him. Aliaksandr was nowhere for 5 days, tell me, how is it possible in the modern army? I served in the army, I know that every man is counted during the evening check. If someone didn’t come or delayed for even a half an hour, it would be an emergency situation for the unit. Searches would start immediately, parents would be informed that the soldier is missing. The commanders would call everyone they can, trying to find out where the soldier could possibly go. Aliaksandr was missing for 5 days. This is just impossible.”

In the meantime, the prosecutor's office is conducting a check in the course of supervision in connection with the death of a conscript serviceman at the 72nd Joint Training Center of the Armed Forces of Belarus.

The reasons and conditions that contributed to the death of a serviceman are being clarified. Representatives of the Prosecutor General's Office and the Prosecutor's Office of the Minsk region participate in the check.

21-year-old Pinsk native Aliaksandr Korzhych, who had been drafted to the army less than 6 months ago, was found hanged in the basement of one of the buildings at the territory of the military unit. On October 5, the investigation named suicide as an initial version of the tragedy. Parents and friends of the deceased do not believe in this version.

On October 10, the investigation reported the initiation of a criminal investigation under Part 3 of Art. 443 of the Criminal Code (violation of the statutory rules of relations between persons on whom the status of a serviceman applies, in the absence of subordination relations, which entailed grave consequences).