21 October 2018, Sunday, 1:35
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Belarusian Video Bloggers: There Are No Supporters Of Power Any More


Belarusian YouTube has turned into a political force.

The channel of Russian politician and blogger Alexei Navalny, who has actually turned into an Internet meme, has almost 1.5 million subscribers, and all these people are actively discussing the agenda set by him.

In addition, no local court order can remove the clip from the American web service, the report of belsat.eu states.

Authoritarian authorities do not like this.

Kamikadzedead, as well as the journalist Anatoly Shariy, who covers mainly topics related to Ukraine, are among the popular bloggers from the CIS.

And what about Belarus?

Here, the NEXTA channel takes one of the first places. However, the author does not show his face so far.

"I began to think that there's a need to create some alternative to the state channels! Of course there is Belsat, but Belsat is for a narrower audience, and I thought that I would create the project in Russian so that people from the post-Soviet space also knew what was happening in Belarus," – the blogger says.

As a result – almost 70 thousand subscribers to the channel and videos, which have several million views.

According to the interlocutor, our neighbors live having stereotypeв views about Belarus. If they see an alternative picture, they are very indignant and surprised.

"The Youtube platform is very important as a tool for communication with the society and it covers a fairly wide group of the population, and in many ways it gives an opportunity to reach people who are not always interested in politics," – the author of the NEXTA channel adds.

The Garantij Net channel of the Homel blogger Maksim Filippovich, as well as the guys from the project Rotornaja Zhatka are also among such alternative media. But the peculiarity of the domestic Youtube is that there a no people who praise the authorities or say that everything is good in Belarus.