14 December 2018, Friday, 0:26
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"Price Of Belarusian Recruit's Life Is 15 Rubles Per Day"


Who really discredits the army.

There are now ten suspects in the case that the Investigative Committee has confidently called suicide, and the commander of the unit where Aliaksandr Korzhych served, was dismissed, the belsat.eu report says.

Human rights defenders remind the Minister of Defense that only this year it became known about a number of deaths in the Belarusian army.

After Aliaksandr Korzhych's death, the parents of Andrei Manonin, who died almost a year ago, also told about their tragedy. The reason is the same – hazing in the army.

Aliaksandr Korzhych's story could also end this way, because it took 10 days for the investigation to notice the tied feet of the hanged soldier and the t-shirt wrapped over his head.

It's not likely that the problem is in just one military unit. Henadz Sarokin died on October 2 during a watch on the watchtower. He also complained to his relatives about the hazing and the intolerable conditions of service.

Anastasia, Henadz's bride, admits that she addressed the media only after she heard of the fuzz around Korzhych's death. But whatever the outcome of the investigation, the Belarusian army will not get a new soldier from this family.

The Ministry of Defense said: it is an anti-army company aimed at discrediting it.

But it is unlikely that the reputation of the army will fall more badly, if, according to not only the relatives of the deceased, but also those who served there, the price of a recruit's life in military units like Pechy is 15 rubles a day.