25 September 2018, Tuesday, 5:09
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Forest Rangers In Hrodna Region Honour Memory Of Kastus Kalinouski’s Rebellion Heroes


A cross in honour of the insurgents of the year 1863 has been erected in Zarubitski forest, not far from Hrodna.

This was done by the forest rangers of the Indurskaye forestry.

According to Pavel Liher, the employee of the said forestry, a rebel squad headed by Valer Urubleuski acted in their forests at the time. Liher told Radio Liberty that they planned to place the cross on the Day of Forestry, but were a little late.

“The point is, Valer Urubleuski also was engaged in forest management, and his squad acted nearby. We had this idea since long ago, to honour the memory of Urubleuski and his men, who fought in our forests. They struggled for our independence, and we finally managed to commemorate them,” — Pavel Liher thinks.

The cross was erected on the ecological trail, close to the spot where a forest was once planted, and a memorial shield was placed in honour of Vasil Bykau.