22 October 2018, Monday, 9:36
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Minsker: I Will Do Anything To Save My Son From Army Service


The passers-by in Minsk streets shared their thoughts on what had hapepned in Pechy.

Aliaksandr Korzhych — a conscript soldier — was found dead in the loop in the basement of the military unit in Pechy. What is going on in the army and what needs to be done to disroot hazing?

— I think this is outraging! — an elderly lady with a granddaughter says, angrily, while commenting on the situation for kp.by. — There must be control not only by the military men, but by mothers, for instance. I think this is not just a one-time incident, the thing is not all the cases end with death. What do we have in the end — mothers raise their sons, and then the latter die. My son is over 40 now, he never served in the army because of poor health, and fortunately, my grandkid is a girl, not a boy, so there will be no need to serve in the army.

— It’s the commanders who are to be blamed for what happened, there’s no doubt about it, — a middle-aged man says. — A commander must secure order and ensure that the work is done. I served in the army, and there were similar cases, of course. However, everything was kept in order only due to the commanders. If the commandship was strong, there were no violations and hazing. If it turned a blind eye to such things, similar incidents happened.

— I will do everything I can to save my son from serving in the army, — a lady with a 10-year-old son says. — I think that the blame for this concrete incident should be put on the leaders. Commanders always know what happens between their subordinates. They are not somewhere in heaven, they take part in the whole process. Some rumors definitely reach them. Moreover, the parents complained someone was taking money off his credit card. It’s unclear why it was was left unnoticed. We sympathize the mother of the deceased soldier, and bring her our condolenses.

— I think that many people are guity here, no one can be singled out, — the girl, whom we met in the Independence Avenue, is convinced. — All this happened and everyone realized that the military system of Belarus had a lot of shortcomings, so it is necessary to look for the mistakes and correct the whole system, not to just find one person to blame. I think it’s the group of people, commanders, officers, who let it all happen, drove the people to such a state. I think I would not let my son go to the army. I wouldn’t want him to serve in the army as it is, in some military unit. However, if there was some military department at a university — why not.

— What happened in Pechy is bad. The soldiers, the service should be blamed. I am a draftee now, and I am not willing to serve in the army, — a youngster says. — Frankly speaking, I don’t want to any kind of troops. It’s better to go to the police. And I would not let my son go to the army either, 100%. Because these are wasted years. I talked to those who served in the army, they painted grass and leaves.

— Of course, it’s the leading team which is guilty of this all, — a passer-by in Kazlou Street says. — Everything depends on the commander. Therefore, there have always benn hazing relationships, and they will remain, but if the commander understands what he is doing and all this is positive, the soldiers obey and do not hang themselves. A person hangs themselves for some specific reasons — either because of being bullied, or a girlfriend ditched them. But since the girl did not ditch anyone, it’s got to be hazing, there is simply no other option. I would not send my son to the army. In general, I believe that the army should be for those who are set for it. As at work, under a contract.