21 October 2018, Sunday, 16:27
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‘Let’s Ask About Wages, Dear Friends, On October, The Twenty-First’


The internet users have picked the best slogans for the Outraged Belarusians’ March 2.0., which is to be held tomorrow in Minsk.

The contest for the best slogan for the Outraged Belarusians’ March 2.0 started on the Internet two weeks before the action. Many interesting cheers were offered, informs the press-center of the Belarusian National Congress.

The following poem was liked the most:

“We’re sick and tired of taxes for air,

And taxes for roads,

We can’t stop thinking just how you dare

Saying things to deceive us all;

We cannot stand the corrupted courts,

Or the officials, looking like warts,

Everything seems to be growing, guys:

Kolya, the prices, utilities thrice.

All those “insolent”, who dare to protest,

Are sent to prisons to take some rest...

So come to the square, my dear friends,

On October, the twenty-first,

Time to come out, be brave and scream:

Who stole our salaries? Make him leave!”

The BNC website also quotes other popular slogans:

“Lukashenka – parasite! Leave your office, make it right!”, “Leave!”, “Come out and make your dreams come true, as this whole land belongs to you!”, “Twenty-year rule by a caste! Basta! Basta! Basta!”, “We are free people!”, “Spade on the Moustache!”, “Down with criminal decree, Lukashenka, you must leave! Run away, clean up the site, you are now a parasite!”, “We will fight till we’re alive, to get our children a happy life!”

The winner of the contest will receive their prize soon.

Important to note, the Outraged Belarusians’ March 2.0 will start at 2 p.m. tomorrow, on October 21, in the Kastrychnitskaya Square in Minsk. The main demands of the March are abolishment of the Decree #3 and other illegal extortions; raising of pensions and salaries. The participants of the action will also raise the issue of hazing, lawlessness and arbitrariness in the Belarusian army.