22 March 2019, Friday, 18:04
A Challenge for Everyone

Another Nearly 4 K Signatures For Raukou’s Resignation Sent To Lukashenka’s Administration


The authorities now have 30 days to respond to the demands of the Belarusians.

On the morning of October 23, 3 778 signatures collected on the petitions.by platform were sent to the Council of Ministers under the demand of "the resignation of the Defense Minister and a full and comprehensive investigation of the facts of torture, murders and inhuman treatment of soldiers," Solidarity writes.

The collection of signatures on the platform Zvarot.by was blocked by the Ministry of Defense, after which the action continued on a new platform.

Nevertheless, 9614 signatures collected on Zvarot.by that met the requirements of the Law "On Citizens' Appeals" were sent to the administration of Lukashenka, the Council of Ministers, the "parliament" and the Defense Ministry in the form of a collective appeal. According to the law, the aforementioned institutions have 30 days to respond to this appeal.

As Charter97.org reported earlier, the petition was drawn up after it became known about the terrible circumstances of the death of conscript soldier Aliaksandr Korzhych in the military unit in Pechy. The legs of a 21-year-old soldier were tied, a T-shirt was tied up on his head.

The Investigatiory Committee confirmed almost everything Korzhych had told his relatives and friends about hazing in his unit: he was deprived of a bank card, he was forced to pay for using the phone. The sergeants regularly received "tribute" in the form of cigarettes and food, and the leaders of the company, where Aliaksandr served, knew everything about it, but chose to turn a blind eye to the whole situation.