27 March 2019, Wednesday, 0:35
For our and your freedom!

Maxim Viniarski: No One Will Stop Us, Break Us Or Hold Us Back!


The “European Belarus” activist has been released.

Activist of the civil campaign “European Belarus” Maxim Viniarski has been released after having served a 10-day administrative detention.

Maxim Viniarski was detained in Minsk on October 13. In the morning he went out to walk the dog, at that moment four people ran up to him, grabbed him and put him in the car.

The Maskouski district court sentenced him to 10 days of an administrative arrest for having shared the article, which the court considered a call for participation in an unauthorized protest. The activist of the "European Belarus" was taken to the detention center in the Akrestsin Street directly from the court.

It was also reported today that Maxim Viniarski was taken to the police department for some “prophylactic conversation” instead of the release. Friends and allies couldn’t meet the activist at the prison gate.

The “European Belarus” activist posted on Facebookthat he was free and ready to continue the struggle.