3 June 2020, Wednesday, 22:09
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Ihar Komlik: Now I Am Going To Work With Triple Energy

Ihar Komlik: Now I Am Going To Work With Triple Energy
Ihar Komlik

According to the political prisoner, the case initiated by the authorities is aimed at getting rid of the independent trade union.

Ihar Komlik, the chief accountant of the REP trade union, who was in the Valadarka detention center for " non-payment of taxes", was released on recognizance not to leave the place.

We remind that on August 2, the staff of the Department of Financial Investigation of the State Control Committee of Belarus conducted a search and seized the computers and financial documents at the REP trade union office. REP trade union chairman Henadz Fiadynich and accountant Ihar Komlik were detained. Fiadynich was interrogated and released, and Komlik remained in custody.

The political prisoner said a few words to Nasha Niva after his release.

"They treated me normally, did not torture me, – the accountant laughed. – I refused to give evidence straight away. I was asked several times if I would talk. They threatened, that if I remained silent – they would put me in jail. But the law provides for the possibility of refusing to testify. However, I saw the investigator not all that often, I was just staying there. I take it as a form of pressure on me. Now they have released me, but the case is not closed – I'm on my own recognizance, on Thursday I have to meet with the investigator."

Komlik jokes that, by analogy with the famous slogan "To Freedom – With A Clear Conscience", he came "to prison with a clear conscience".

"The case is clearly aimed at getting rid of the independent trade union. When I was detained and they started to ask questions, it immediately became clear to me. And how was I detained? I went out of the house to work, I was on my way to the car – I was thinking about going to the dacha, the investigators approached my car and asked me to go for a search, we went, well, that was that..." – Ihar says.

"My further plans are to work. We have one aim: we worked for people to live and work well. And we will work on this further on. I have saved my strength, because it was not necessary to do anything. Now, we’ll work with new energy, as they say. I was glad that a lot of letters of support were coming, I was answering them. And apart from that ... we were sleeping, eating, talking. There were entrepreneurs mostly: convicted for fraud, taxes."