20 October 2018, Saturday, 10:18
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Rebellious Mahiliou Residents: Let Them Demolish Their City Councils!


The events involving the Prydarozhny market in Mahiliou are heating up.

Residents protest against the demolition of the Pridorozhny market in Mahiliou. More than a thousand of its visitors demand from the city executive committee to alter its decision on building a parking lot instead of the trade pavilions. The people are outraged that the market is going to be liquidated without asking their opinion, Radio Svaboda reports.

Officials insist that the parking lot is approved by the master plan, which is not subject to adjustment, and offer entrepreneurs to place their stores on the first floor of the house, which they are going to build next to the market.

"Let them demolish their city councils!"

Sole traders’ representatives have been to the city executive committee three times. At one meeting officials promised not to touch the market, but soon city executive committee chairman Uladzimir Tsumarou said that the pavilions would be knocked down.

"We should live in a civilized way and transform our trade," – the traders cited the city executive committee chairman’s words.

"We believe that the dialogue with the official will continue, – they tried to reassure their indignant colleagues. – Officials are listening to us. They are looking for options. They monitor the mood of the people."

It was Tsumarou who offered the market traders to occupy the first floor of the house, which was going to be built. He ordered his subordinates to make changes to the project of the building. The official’s offer wasn’t supported by the entrepreneurs.

"There won’t be enough space on the ground floor of the house for everyone who works in the market, and who has money to move there? – people reacted indignantly at the meeting. – We don’t agree. Let them demolish their city councils! If the entrepreneurs were so rich, they would have had their own shops already."

The trade administration confirmed that the Prydarozhny market representatives had been at the reception in the city executive committee. Their appeal was under consideration.

"An alternative solution has been allegedly found, and it seems to suit them all. But since the documents have not been signed by the management, we have no right to comment on the situation," – the trade department said.

"No one will listen to us, entrepreneurs. People, support us!"

The officials did not give a written response to the collective appeal of the entrepreneurs and market visitors. They promised to send it by November 19. The traders do not expect any positive news in the letter from the city executive committee.

"No one will listen to us, entrepreneurs, so please, dear residents of our district, we hope on you. Write letters and demand to leave the market alone. The more you write and call, the better," – the traders addressed the market visitors.

The Prydarozhny market is located on the city outskirts. Residents of Chaliuskintsau Street and suburban villages are its usual visitors. Those people, who go there, say that they like the prices and range of goods there. Food and consumer goods are sold in the market.

According to entrepreneurs, the market was built on the initiative of the city executive committee seven years ago. Those wishing to trade on it gave money for pavilions and utility engineering. The contracts for trade were concluded for two years, but they can be withdrawn within a month. The market employs 150 people. The traders collected 1030 signatures under the appeal not to touch the market within two days.