16 October 2018, Tuesday, 5:35
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Tax Counted How Many Belarusians Own Two Or More Apartments


These people will get "chain letters" from the tax office.

In 2017, 147.9 thousand Belarusians need to pay real estate tax, because they own two or more apartments. The Ministry of Taxes and Duties reported this to tut.by.

In 2016, 131.7 thousand people had to pay such a tax.

We remind, that in three days — on November 15 — the deadline for paying taxes on real estate and land expires. By law, if you own more than one apartment you should pay the tax. Privilege (full exemption from payment) is provided only if you own only one apartment.

As of October 1, 2017, there were 2.77 million payers of property taxes. Among them are not only the owners of apartments, but also those who pay land tax and rent for land that are part of the state property. However, in practice, not all of them contribute money to the treasury.

In accordance with the legislation, privileges on property payments in the form of complete exemption from payment of these taxes were granted to more than 46 percent of the total number of payers, — the Ministry of Taxes and Duties said. — Of these, the largest number falls on persons eligible for benefits due to their retirement age or disability, as well as those living and working in rural areas.

As a result, 1.5 million individuals should pay the tax this year. Last year, there were 1.48 million.

However, the Ministry of Taxes and Duties did not specify how many "apartment tycoons" — owners of a large number of apartments — are there among payers of property tax. However, last year, for example, it became known that 12 people owned 13 apartments each.

"It is difficult to buy housing. At the same time, there is a sufficient number of people who have more than two apartments. I'll tell you a little secret that does not contain tax secrecy: there are three people in our country who own 14 apartments each, and there are about 12 people having 13 apartments each," — Minister for Taxes and Levies Siarhei Nalivaika told then during a meeting with employees of the enterprise Belarusrezinotekhnika in Babruisk.