18 December 2018, Tuesday, 23:13
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Pechy Sergeants Get Dismissed


New sergeants in the training unit are recruited from other military units.

The sources of Nasha Niva reported that in the third school, where Aliaksandr Korzhych served, they completely replace the sergeant's staff: those who are not taken into custody as suspects will be sent to serve to other units, sergeants from "combat" units will be transferred to their place.

Perhaps, a system of regular rotation of sergeants will be created.

Important to note, soldiers in Pechy were allowed to have mobile phones, although primitive ones.

Meanwhile, sources from different parts of the Belarusian army signal about the strengthening of control over the performance of official duties by officers. The forces of special operations, communications, special forces — officers all over the place regularly carry out night check-ups, the time of officers' stay with personnel has been increased, in some units it has been decided to install cameras.

Soldiers are ordered to report the slightest violations of statutory relations.

The Ministry of Defense cannot yet confirm the dismissal of sergeants in the third school.