12 December 2018, Wednesday, 9:30
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Sergeant Who Found Aliaksandr Korzhych’s Body In Pechy Detained

Aliaksandr Korzhych

According to one of the versions, the military man kept a diary in which he described the details of the conscript’s murder.

Sergeant Z. (the surname is not disclaimed due to security reasons), who found the body of conscript soldier Aliaksandr Korzhych in the afternoon on October 3, has been arrested. Private Korzhych was found hanged in the basement of the medical unit. Representative of the prosecutor’s office listed Z. among other detainees at the meeting with Korzhych’s mother and close friend on November 11, Euroradio reports.

According to him, 8 criminal cases have been started in the framework of the investigation into the death of the conscript soldier, “about 20 people are held in custody”.

Previously, two Euroradio’s sources in the armed forces called the same name when asked who had found the body of Aliaksandr Korzhych. Both military men said that Z. was sent to the mental hospital in Navinki after Private Korzhych had been found in the loop. One of the sources added that Z. was taken into custody right after the mental hospital.

The other source called Z. “a whacko sergeant” (Euroradio has the audio-record of the conversation in its disposal) and informed he had confessed of Korzhych’s murder. However, this information wasn’t officially confirmed.

Aliaksandr Korzhych served in the 3rd school of the 72nd guard united training center in Pechy, while Z. was in the 307th school. The schools are located in different military units and different buildings, which are situated in approximately a 5-minute walk from the medical unit, where the private’s body was found. It’s quite complicated to accidentally find oneself in the basement, where Korzhych was found hanged. The basement wasn’t actually locked, but it wasn’t used so nobody went there since long ago.

According to the information provided by several sources, but neither confirmed nor refuted by the Investigatory Committee, 5 sergeants from the 307th school were detained over suspicion of non-statutory relations by mid-October. The father of a conscript soldier who serves in this school told Euroradio that there were more arrests in the end of the month.

One of the versions on which the independent investigation is working is connected with the sergeant, who found Korzhych’s body. A girl contacted the private’s family in the first days when the case became public. She said the name of the presumed murderer, established straightaway, was already indicated in the materials of the check. She claimed it was the same military man who “found” Aliaksandr hanged in the basement of the medical unit.

"He was worried that time had passed and nobody seemed to look for Korzhych. He thought the victim could have liberated himself from the loop somehow and testified. And then he went to the basement himself, allegedly to get a broom (cleaning equipment is known to be stored in some other place), but in fact he wanted to be sure of own safety", — the girl stated.

She also told that this soldier kept a diary in English, in which he described the details of the murder of Aliaksandr Korzhych. Similar evidence was shared by the servicemen from the unit where Korzhych served. However, at present, there is no connection with this girl, and her "VKontakte" page has been deleted, so her version should be treated skeptically.

Investigatory Committee: Perhaps, other tragedies in the army will reach the court

As the official representative of the Investigatory Committee Yulia Hancharova told Euroradio, the information that the Committee distributed earlier remains timely by the present moment. This means that the investigation is still considering three versions of what happened in unit # 43064 in Pechy: suicide, bringing to suicide and murder.