21 October 2018, Sunday, 1:19
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Minsktrans: Catch 21 Stowaways, Get Bn 350


It turns out that the Belarusian ticket collectors have their own "sly plan".

Traditionally, Minsk city transport lacks ticket collectors. The corresponding vacancies are open at any time of year, the management of the Ministry of Transport does not hide: in fact, they take all comers. Why is there no one interested in the profession that is in demand? After all, if we talk about salaries, they seem to offer ticket collectors pretty much: on the company's website it is indicated that the salary of the passenger transport ticket collector is Bn 620, Narodnaya Volya writes.

It turns out that it's not easy to earn Bn 620 though. The official salary of the ticket collector is only Bn 270, the rest depends on the fulfillment of the plan.

"The plan consists of the number of persons subjected to administrative responsibility and the number of checked vehicles on the entrusted site," — they say in the personnel department of the "Minsktrans" Agency. — To reach a salary of Bn 350, a ticket collector must write out at least 21 penalties within a month. If a collector issues more administrative sanctions, then, accordingly, they will earn more. " As for vehicles, for an 8-hour shift a ticket collector should check at least 40 buses, trolleybuses and trams. The requirements also include the willingness to work on shifts, including on weekends and holidays.

Bn 620, they say at the enterprise, is the average salary of a ticket collector. "So, it's realistic to implement the plan," — they assure in the personnel department. "The salary of ticket collectors remain in their hands."

By the way, head of the control and auditing service of the Ministry of Transport Yury Davidovich explained the reason for the staff turnover at the enterprise recently: "In fact, we take all comers. The control period for preparation and verification is 3 months. During this time, a beginner should be instructed and get an 80-hour training in public transport, along with a more experienced employee of the control and revising service. They are trained to make out current documentation, reports, penalty receipts. It is necessary to conduct all this within the framework of the current legislation. And this is not easy. As a consequence, few remain. Many come wearing pink glasses, but after a few days, weeks of practical work, they change their views radically. Although among the applicants there are many people with higher education, physically fit. One trainee-inspector was torn off his jacket; another one was insulted and beaten up; the third one was shifted the blame on; the fourth was complained at the Minsktrans hotline. In general, ungrateful work, there are very few good reviews from passengers”.