17 January 2019, Thursday, 4:39
Thanks, everyone

Lida Activists Announced Anti-Lenin Competition


Lida district residents set up a glorious tradition anticipating the overthrow of Lenins.

Public activist Valer Minets, a Belarusian National Congress representative in Lida, wrote about that on Facebook:

"Friends! A glorious tradition has been set up in Lida district: a symbolic wreath-laying ceremony to the idol of Lenin. Vitold Ashurak has set a trend with his worthy deed, and Lida police officers confirmed that such actions were not an offense.

Therefore, I propose to announce a competition for the best wreath, wherever photographed near the statue of Lenin. The prizes will be organized!"

We remind that on November 7, activist from Biarozauka (Lida district) Vitold Ashurak laid a wreath to Lenin's monument with skulls and the inscription "Burn in Hell, Executioner."