19 October 2018, Friday, 2:15
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Lukashenka, The Swamp Generalissimo

Bogdan Yaremenko

Why does Poroshenko meet with the Belarusian dictator?

Damn, how everyone took offense at Belarus when it voted against the resolution on the Crimea in the UN Committee!

Moreover, the Ukrainian politicum, traditionally sick with unconsciousness, somehow did not even remember that a couple of weeks before, President Poroshenko had held a duty-free summit with Lukashenka in the United Arab Emirates.

Also, some three months ago Poroshenko received Lukashenka with an official (!) visit in Ukraine!

And, of course, they agreed on everything with him.

My question here is as follows: did President Poroshenko not discuss issues related to the occupation of the Crimea with Lukashenka? Or probably he did, but failed to understand the position of Belarus? He could discuss, understand everything, had no doubt that Belarus was an ally of Russia that would never support Ukraine against the will of Russia, but still continues to meet with Lukashenka? Then why?

Or was all this in order to get guarantees from the "swamp generalissimo" that the territory of Belarus will never be used for an aggression against Ukraine? If so, why did we react so actively to the recent Russian-Belarusian military maneuvers? What frightened us so much, if Lukashenka himself gave us the security guarantees?

Perhaps, the agenda of Poroshenko-Lukashenka relations is not about Crimea, war and security? What, again, a breakthrough on the "Bogdan" vanss, saddled by Roshen candies?

And how much fuss is around this meaningless Ukrainian-Belarusian conversation, hints, inconsistencies!

Still, the conclusions are obvious - Ukraine will continue to show offense and shock if it continues to ignore the basic facts of life. In particular, Lukashenka's Belarus is a predictably unfriendly country, a source of threat, and it is impossible to develop relations with it without taking into account Russia's control over it.

And Ukrainian "Taleiranchiks" should understand that all flirting with Lukashenka will not be a game to break Belarus away from Russia. Lukashenka simply does not set such a goal (and Ukraine does not have the resources to realize this goal). His goal is to retain power. And helping him in this inept diplomatic maneuvers, Ukraine simply prolongs the suffering of the fraternal Belarusian people, without receiving anything in return but shame.

The fact that your strategic partner votes against the UN resolution which is strategically important or better to say existential for you, and you can do nothing except invite him to another rendezvous is a disgrace.

Bogdan Yaremenko, Facebook