22 October 2018, Monday, 9:34
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Pavel Seviarynets: Official Kiev Must Deliver Ultimatum To Lukashenka


Pavel Sharoiko’s case has been trumped up.

Pavel Seviarynets, a co-chairman of the organizing committee for the creation of the Belarusian Christian Democracy party, commented to Charter97.org on the situation with Ukrainian Radio journalist Pavel Sharoiko’s detention and the deportation of Ukrainian Embassy counsellor Igor Skvortsov:

– It’s a mere anti-Ukrainian hysteria. I think that Lukashenka's regime is carrying out the Kremlin's order.

Pavel Sharoiko’s case has been fabricated roughly and clumsily. There is no faith in KGB, after the authorities were hyping up the "patriots' case" last summer, when it turned out that all the political prisoners were absolutely innocent.

All these statements about the "network of spies" sound shaky and could be torn to tatters. Official Kiev, which represents a huge country supported by the European community, must deliver Lukashenka an ultimatum. Ukrain has just had enough.

First, they detained Ukrainian patriot Pavel Grib. It does not matter in his case whether the detention was carried out with the permission of the Belarusian security forces, or without their permission. It's still a shame and a scandal. Pavel Grib’s case was to put into question all the relations with Lukashenka's regime.

Such a series of detentions and the diplomatic scandal are an attempt to mess things up and destroy all the relations. I do not rule out that this will be followed by some kind of a loan from Moscow. When certain money receipts are expected from Russia, the regime’s guard dogs rush to work out the money. This is a disgrace, as the relationship between two fraternal peoples and the fate of people are placed on the scales.