17 July 2019, Wednesday, 16:30
We are in the same boat

BelAZ Driver Got Monthly Salary Of $ 4.2


The Luninets car park holds back a portion of BelAZ drivers’ wages for wasting fuel.

A BelAZ driver, who works at the Mikashevichy branch of the Brestablautatrans car park No. 10, has sent his payment slip for October to Medyja Palesse.

The driver was accrued 248.41 rubles for 83 work hours. 56.43 rubles were held back out of that amount for wasting fuel.

– We carry the sand from the strip pit into the disposal area, – the man says. – They deduct from the drivers’ wages for wasting two liters of fuel per run. We do about 27 runs a month, so the sum is not small. This situation has come about since October, when it started to rain. The fuel allowance is as if we are driving along an asphalt road. But the road is sandy. Now it has been washed way, there are a lot of potholes, long and steep gradients. But nothing is taken into account! The car is constantly loaded, you start the car and stop it almost immediately, you step on the gas – it just slides...

With all the holdbacks, the driver received a salary of 8 rubles 58 kopecks. Is it possible to live on this money?