22 October 2018, Monday, 9:37
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Concert "Solidarity with Belarus" in Warsaw: "Belarus Will Be Free With Such People!"

The annual concert of solidarity with the struggling Belarusians was held in the Polish capital.

Warsaw hosted the concert "Solidarity with Belarus" for the tenth time; this time the event was held not in the open air, but in one of the largest clubs of the Polish capital - "Stodole".

The concert "Solidarity with Belarus" gathered several hundred people not indifferent to the fate of Belarus, there were not only our compatriots, but also Poles, Ukrainians who came to support Belarusians, Charter97.org journalist informs.

People of different ages gathered there, there were many families with children.

Frontman of the Belarusian Amaroka band Dzmitry Afanasenka and his wife created an improvised souvenir shop where everyone could buy toys from hareza.bу and goods with national symbols from symbal.by.

Organizers of the event stated that the current concert was in some ways an alternative to its previous parts, an experiment. "Solidarity with Belarus" is changing trying to show something new.

The organizers tried to make the concert so that it was not an addition to what one could see on TV or read in Belarusian newspapers. And they succeeded.

The first to take the stage was the Polish band Drama King, who performed in public for the first time, but it did not stop them from showing their best.

Warsaw rock band "Atom Heart", which is considered one of the best debuts on the Polish rock scene, charged the audience with a blues rock atmosphere. Musicians performed beyond the notion of modern youth music.

The Belarusian TonqiXod rock-band took the floor of the Warsaw club. It plays art-rock with elements of post-punk. Although the band appeared on a big stage not long ago, it can already boast of a victory at the Basovishcha festival.

Then the baton was taken by the ethno-jazz T/Aboret band. Musicians have gained fame throughout Poland and are widely regarded one of the best teams in their genre.

The Glicthhh was the next to take the floor. It is famed for experiments in music. The band from Minsk focused on guitar music and various experiments with sound. The band has become a real discovery, both for sophisticated listeners, and for those who visit such events for the first time.

A famous Ukrainian poet and writer Sergey Zhadan and his band Żadan i Sobaki took the stage to an ovation. The Ukrainian writer is known as an ardent opponent to the Lukashenka's regime. This February the Belarusian authorities detained the Ukrainian writer. After a night in the Leninski district police department he got a prohibitive stamp to enter Belarus in his passport for an indefinite period. However, in the evening the ban was canceled.

Sergey Zhadan is known to the Belarusian public as the author of songs as "Rocky", "Sabotage" and "Seredni Viki" for Brutto band.

The most appropriate word that characterizes the performance of the Ukrainian musician is a provocation. Żadan i Sobaki ironized, joked, but at the same time could be soulful and serious.

Participants in the "Solidarity with Belarus" shared their impressions with Сharter97.org:

Aliaksandr, a student at the University of Warsaw from Minsk: - I am very glad that I participated in this event, Atom Heart band I liked the most. The guys perfectly recaptured the atmosphere of the 80's. They are true professionals.

Iryna, Hrodna: - It's nice that such concerts take place. This is a real escape. It's the feeling of freedom, joy and a lot of positive emotions! Long live Belarus!

Ales, SGGW student, Minsk: - The people we see today are the future of free Belarus. It's the proof that we have many young, talented, sincere people with burning eyes. Belarus will be surely free with such people.

Dzmitry, SGH student, Kyiv: - My friend from Belarus invited me to the concert. I was happy to get acquainted with your culture and I was glad that I could become a part of such an important event as the concert "Solidarity with Belarus". You should know that you can always count on your Ukrainian brothers.