14 December 2018, Friday, 2:40
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Lukashenka VS Parasites 2.0


The draft of the new decree is under consideration by Lukashenka.

The draft of the updated Decree No. 3 is under consideration in the Lukashenka's administration, the Minister of Labor and Social Protection of Belarus Iryna Kastsevich said, interfax.by writes.

"The updated Decree No. 3 is in the administration of Lukashenka," – Kastsevich said to journalists in Minsk on Thursday.

"It has been repeatedly stated that the revised version of the decree is aimed primarily at promoting and stimulating employment, with an active employment policy for those citizens who really want to work," – the minister reminds.

In addition, she notes that the new version of the decree presupposes "to bring out of the shadows those people, who are engaged in hidden employment." "In order to bring these people to the labor market, we are planning a full reimbursement of costs, which are now privileged by the state," Kastsevich explaines.

She adds that the services, for which the citizens will have to pay in full, are under discussion.