21 October 2018, Sunday, 16:22
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Yury Khashchevatski: What Does the VIP-Clinic for Lukashenka Hide?

It's time for the Belarusians to regain consciousness.

Children lose consciousness in queues to a physician in Baraulyany near Minsk. At the same time, in another place near Minsk, in Zhdanovichy, a VIP hospital is being built for Lukashenka and his inner circle. It costs of 100 million euros.

"All countries have it", the dictator responded to numerous publications in independent media about his clinic.

A famous film director Yury Khashchevatski comments on Lukashenka's words in the interview to Charter97.org:

- Are his words true? Then this world is weird - the reality that exists only in the sore brain of the director of a collective farm.

Of course, there is a special hospital for Kim Jong-un in North Korea. Perhaps, there is something of this kind in other dictatorial countries.

Normal states respectful of people have nothing to do with it. Yes, there is a division into paid and free hospitals in the West. But for Lukashenka, probably, it would be an unexpected discovery that an absolute majority of the population can use the paid services there. Moreover, if the ambulance brings a person to the paid hospital, no one has the right to refuse him in treatment.

And thanks to the developed system of insurance contributions, almost every person can afford treatment of high quality. That is, medicine is really popular in the West: it is at a very high level for ordinary people who do not belong to power.

As an example, I want to recall a recent story about how US Vice President Joseph Biden told Barack Obama that he had to sell his house because insurance did not cover his father's treatment. Just imagine the president and vice president of the most powerful country in the world, and they solve their problems as ordinary citizens.

Even this dialogue between Biden and Obama shows that Lukashenka is shamelessly lying.

- Do not you think that today's Belarus is the country of irony? How can it include two completely different worlds - for Lukashenka and his inner circle and for other people?

- We can observe an ordinary feudal who brings in feudal morality and reality.

Lukashenka's VIP hospital is the castle of a medieval baron. Building it our home-brewed "Prince Lemon" and "Duke Orange" shows their attitude to life and normal people. We must clearly understand what the VIP clinic for new feudal lords hide.

He wants to surround himself with attributes of the African "prince". And it evolves numerous luxurous residences and his provoking car fleet and planes. Lukashenka has surrounded himself with a flashy luxury in a poor country. And this is the only way for him to express himself and show that he and his servants are from another, feudal, world.

At the same time, the country plunges into ever greater poverty precisely because of his ignorance, his economic "policy line." However, this power is not as ignorant, but it is directed to keep people in poverty. This is a typical logic of the medieval ruler: the more hunger the "canaille" feels, the easier it is to take control over it.

- And how do you comment on the fact that in Baraulyany children lose consciousness in the queue to the doctor? Why is this happening in the country where foreigners go annually to get high-quality and inexpensive medical services?

- And as for the children who faint in Baraulyany, I would like to say hard things. Children faint because their parents have lost consciousness.

If parents still do not understand that their inaction and the "not my circus, not my monkeys" principle leads to the fact that their children faint in queues, then this is our main problem.

Lukashenka is only a symbol of what has happened to our country. Lukashenka is the dream of the Belarusian society. We must wake up, shake off this obsession, so that these numerous feudal castles, special hospitals, closed VIP villages collapsed.

It's time for the Belarusians to regain consciousness. Just so that their children do not faint.

No one can guarantee that everything will be fine with your family and your child won't feel sick. And the clinic for Lukashenka and his inner circle will rise above Minsk as the nest of medieval baron robbers.