16 June 2021, Wednesday, 16:48
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Russia To Place Tanks, Other Equipment In Belarus

Russia To Place Tanks, Other Equipment In Belarus

The experts named this “a step to war.”

The government approved a draft program of the "union state" on the improvement of the military infrastructure facilities that are intended for joint use with Russia.

On December 6, the corresponding decree was signed by Prime Minister of Belarus Andrei Kabiakou, it has already appeared on the national legal Internet portal. According to this document, the Ministry of Defense of Belarus is instructed to offer a draft program for the consideration by the Council of Ministers of the “union state” of Belarus and Russia.

The complete document, prepared by the military, is called “The Union State programs “Improving the military infrastructure facilities that are planned for joint use in the interests of securing the regional grouping of troops of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation.”

But what kind of military infrastructure is it? Maybe, the Russian bases in Belarus?

The Radio Liberty reporter addressed to the Ministry of Defense of Belarus for a comment and asked straightforwardly whether the project referred to the setting up of the Russian military bases at the territory of Belarus.

“Ah, what bases?” – was the reply of the Spokesman for the Ministry of Defense Uladzimir Makarau. However, he gave no detailed comment, having referred to being busy. Makarau suggested the reporter could call him again later, but did not pick up the phone once in the whole day.

Expert: “This is one more step towards the future war”

"Of course, this means that Belarus and Russia have started a more serious preparation for a future war with our Western partners, " — military expert Aliaksandr Alesin says.

According to him, this means deployment of the Russian military equipment, belonging to the Russian units of the united regional grouping, at the territory of Belarus, in our hangars and in our warehouses.

"The earlier maneuvers have shown that if Russian units from this group are deployed in Russia, it does not take days, but weeks. After all, a lot of time is spent on loading and unloading. Therefore, another option will be chosen: the equipment and ammunition will be stored here, and the living force will be quickly delivered by air or by train, if necessary, " — the expert says.

Aliaksandr Alesin believes that in the Belarusian hangars, which were freed after reducing the stockpiles of the Soviet weapons, can thus accommodate up to 300-400 Russian tanks, the necessary number of armored personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles and ammunition, as well as other military equipment. According to the expert, these storage facilities will remain in the Belarusian jurisdiction, therefore they cannot be considered foreign military bases.

"And we will have to pay for the content from our budget. But the transfer of equipment, the rent of railway cars and other transport expenses will, apparently, be covered by Russia, " — Aliaksandr Alesin says.

The expert referred to the experience of the US military, who also store military equipment in NATO member countries in Eastern Europe.

"Meanwhile, the main human contingent is located in the United States. In case of an aggravation of the situation it is stipulated that civil aircraft will be rented for the transfer of forces. This practice is now expanding, " — Aliaksandr Alesin says.

How dangerous it is for Belarus?

The expert believes that, according to the military plans developed by the General Staff of the two countries, in case of a military conflict with the West, the Russian part of the joint grouping should appear in Belarus when the Belarusian army will already fight the aggressor.

"Then, every hour will count. I think these plans will allow the Russians to increase the joint grouping here, " — Aliaksandr Alesin says.

At the same time, the expert noted that the prepared plan is “one more step towards a possible war”.

“Much depends on Belarus, while these plans do not violate our sovereignty. If you take the military, then they probably will be happy, as their resource increases. Part of the equipment brought here, as promised, will be used to replace our already obsolete military equipment. As for ordinary citizens? .. Budget losses, probably, will not be very noticeable, but the losses in security are obvious,"— says the expert.

According to Aliaksandr Alesin, residents of Barysau, Babruisk, Baranavichy — the cities where the main military contingents and bases of military equipment are located — already now need to feel more in danger than the inhabitants of the settlements with no servicemen. According to the expert, with the deployment of the Russian military equipment in the Belarusian storage facilities, those areas will inevitably become objects of a probable attack, which means that the overall danger will increase.