20 October 2018, Saturday, 8:14
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Maksim Vinyarski: "That's Enough!" - the Slogan of the Year


It is important that there are people in Belarus who are ready to fight for their country and democracy.

Coordinator of European Belarus Maksim Vinyarski sums up the results of 2017 in the interview with Charter97.org.

- In my opinion, the best result of this year is that our country still maintains its independence. It is important that there are people in Belarus who are ready to fight for their country and against the dictatorship. This year has clearly shown that there are Belarusians who will protect the country from any threat.

Patriots are ready to take the streets and tell the current authorities that they have their own opinion.

- What are, in your opinion, high points of the outgoing year?

- I gladly recall mass protests of Belarusians and the reaction of the authorities.

It looked, to put it mildly, very strange. The authority that owes itself 80% "ratings", stops the life of the city for four hours, closes several metro stations, orders Special Forces to take the streets to prevent people from celebrating Freedom Day. The authority which really believes that people support it would never do such a thing! A reliable authority would have never practiced methods used on March 25.

I'd like to mention that "That's Enough!" has become the slogan of the year.

- What should be done the next year to become more successful?

- Everything that happens in the country depends on us. The streets are the only way to promote our interests. Unfortunately, there are no other means under the dictatorship. Under democracy, there is a possibility of elections, debates, and so on, but we only have a protest. Therefore, I believe that the next year depends on whether we are ready to defend our rights on the streets.

- What would you wish Belarusians in 2018?

- I want to wish a worthy celebration of the 100th anniversary of independence of the Belarusian People's Republic. And to defend the democracy and independence of our country in the streets, and not, I'm sorry, on a sofa.