11 December 2018, Tuesday, 22:13
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Dzmitry Kramianetski: My Lawsuit Is Against KGB


The Young Front member demands moral compensation for the time spent at Valadarka.

Young Front activist Dzmitry Kramianetski, a "patriots' case" defendant, demands compensation for moral harm for the time spent in the remand center, Belsat writes.

Kramianetski reports that he initially sued the law enforcers and investigators, but later, only one counterpart was left – the KGB.

The meeting that took place in the court of the Maskouski district of Minsk today was not the first one, it was a continuation of considering Dzmitry Kramianetski's complaints, and the Finance Ministry was the defendant. That's what was stated on the list of the meetings.

According to a correspondent’s report from the court room, a representative of the Ministry of Finance was present. He claimed that he "did not see any reason to satisfy Kramianetski’s claim."

"I decided to sue, because they closed me and just kept me at Valadarka for almost 10 days, then they stopped the case against us. The corresponding decision came to me on June 2, and then I filed a complaint against the Investigative Committee. The trials continue since summer. This is because of bureaucracy: they demand a lot of different documents," – the Young Front member says.

He notes that "in fact this is a lawsuit against the KGB," but the defendant is the Ministry of Finance, since this department has the authority to pay moral compensation.

A KGB representative, who was also at the trial, spoke briefly as well.

"He did not say anything objectively, he simply stated that the KGB did not sustain the claim," – Kramianetski says.

Judge Antsipchuk announced that the decision on the case will be delivered tomorrow at 9:00.

Young Front activist Dzmitry Kramianetski, an active participant in the defense of Kurapaty, was detained on March 23 and charged together with other Young Front members of "preparing mass riots".