22 January 2019, Tuesday, 8:38
Thanks, everyone

No One Will Invest In Digital GULAG


It becomes clear why businessman Prakapenia shouted his “Hooray”.

Editor-in-Chief of the website Charter97.org Natallia Radzina commented upon the blocking of the website “Belarusian Partisan”.

— Belarusian businessman Viktar Prakapenia, who spent 6 months in the KGB prison, and the former chief ideologist of the Belarusian regime Usevalad Yancheuski announced with joy the other day that Lukashenka would soon sign the decree on the development of the digital economy. “Hooray, hooray, hooray!” — ex-political prisoner Prakapenia rejoiced, as Belarus is to become a super IT-country in the near future.

The decree is unsigned yet, but another step towards total destruction of the freedom of word even on the internet has been made — the Ministry of Information has blocked the opposition website “Belarusian Partisan”. According to our information, blocking of other independent websites is also planned in Belarus in the near future.

The Lukashenka regime was once under sanctions for the repression against journalists and blocking independent websites. Now, he decided to try to declare a war against the internet-journalists once again. New sanctions will be imposed for the persecution of the independent media, and no investor will ever give a penny for this Belarusian digital GULAG.

We in the website Charter97.org express solidarity with our colleagues.