19 October 2018, Friday, 2:14
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Commemorative Plaque In Honor Of Tadevush Kastsiushka Solemnly Opened In Hrodna


A memorial plaque in honor of the Belarusian national hero was installed in Hrodna's Farny Church.

On December 15, a memorial plaque in honor of Tadevush Kastsiushka was solemnly opened in Hrodna. It was installed in Hrodna's Farny Church, Radio Racyja reports.

Representatives of the consulate of the Republic of Poland in Hrodna, including Consul General Jaroslav Ksenjek, representatives of local authorities, bishop of the Hrodna diocese Aliaksandr Kashkevich and other representatives of the Catholic clergy took part in the event. The opening of the memorial plaque was preceded by a solemn mass.

The first plaque in honor of Kastsiushka appeared on the wall of the cathedral more than a hundred years ago. Just opposite to it, there is now another plaque with the text in Polish and in Belarusian.