20 October 2018, Saturday, 8:24
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‘Street Actions Showed Weakness Of Elderly Dictator’


The processes that were launched in spring this year, are going on.

Civil activist, constant participant of the protest actions Siarhei Sparysh said this in a comment for the press-center of the Belarusian National Congress.

— What events, in your opinion, have become the most significant in the civil and political life of Belarus in 2017?

— 2017 was marked by street protests. The Belarusian people unexpectedly for themselves revived as a subject of politics. For a number of reasons, by the end of the year, the socio-political climate in the country has calmed down again, but this calmness is external and temporary. The processes that were launched in the spring are going on.

— What are the main results of the year 2017? For Belarus, for the opposition, for you personally?

— For the first time in the contemporary history of Belarus, the authorities were forced to make a serious compromise. The Decree #3 has not been in use for almost a year, and the construction of a shopping center in Kurapaty was terminated. People who regard street actions as meaningless would have to take this into account. The concessions lowered the heat in the society, but at the same time street actions showed the weakness of the elderly dictator. Lukashenka cannot afford to be weak. If he shows weakness, he will eaten by his own cronies.

As for the results of the year for the opposition, there was a final division of the into the genuine opposition and the indoor one. We saw that some are quite satisfied with the current situation, they are not ready to take even the slightest risk. Others showed themselves on the best side. Personally, I made certain conclusions for myself.

— What should be the strategy of the BNC in the upcoming year?

— I think we need to continue the campaign “Power to the People”. The chosen course as a whole has shown its effectiveness, and the decisions about small adjustments to the course, as usual, will be taken collectively. Personally it seems to me that it is worth paying more attention to the dissemination of information, using even more modern technologies, finding a way to the hearts and minds of our compatriots. The authorities are trying hard to prove that the opposition is far from the people, and we must show that the situation is exactly the opposite.

— What would you like to wish Belarusians in the year 2018?

— More self-confidence. One of our key problems is disbelief in one’s powers. If Belarusians believe in themselves again and take over responsibility for their country, they will be capable of many things.