12 December 2018, Wednesday, 2:36
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Direct Connection

Dzmitry Bandarenka

The Belarusian authorities seem very scared of truthful information.

Coordinator of the civil campaign "European Belarus" Dzmitry Bandarenka commented on the blocking of the independent website “Belarusian Partisan” by the Ministry of Information, for the website Сharter97.org:

- Apparently, the Belarusian partisan very much interferes with Lukashenka and his accomplices. This website is very popular among Belarusians. When I was imprisoned after the dispersal of the square-2010, I had to communicate with completely different people, from the KGB, the police, the Department of Corrections and ending with ordinary prisoners.

I asked what they read on the Internet. The absolute majority named two websites: the Charter'97 and the Belarusian Partisan. In 2010, the founder and head of the website Charter97.org Aleh Biabenin was murdered. It happened not long before the elections. The KGB officers who interrogated us did not even hide that it was a murder. They stated that it was not their structure, but they said that it was not suicide.

In 2016, founder of the Belarusian Partisan Pavel Sheremet was murdered in the most brutal manner. In his case, various versions are still being considered, and so far the organizers and executors of this murder have not been found. Right now, I believe that Ukrainian investigators should pay attention to the trace of the Belarusian authorities and special services. It is obvious that Pavel Sheremet really stood in somebody’s way, and today his website belaruspartisan.org was closed at the territory. I am convinced that there is a direct connection between these two events.