22 January 2019, Tuesday, 8:42
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It Became Known What They Want To Do With Motorist Cash Grab


A draft decree was prepared to change the system of paying the road charge.

A draft decree was prepared to change the system of levying the state duty for issuing a permit for a vehicle allowing its participation in traffic.

This was told by chairman of the "house of representatives" permanent commission on industry, fuel and energy complex, transport and communications Andrei Rybak on the TV channel Belarus 1, BelTA informs.

According to him, one of the versions, which is being examined today, is the monthly payment of the transport fee with the possibility to adjust the terms for which it has already been paid. For example, if a person uses a car for three months a year, he has to pay only for this period. If one is going to sell a vehicle, he has to pay for a month. "There must be some flexibility, – the "deputy" says. – Today, this is a joint position of the government and parliamentarians. The working group, which has been formed from these branches of power, has drawn up a draft decree. I think that an appropriate decision will be made in the near future."

Andrei Rybak admits that the current system is based on the wish to save money on administering this fee: a Beltekhahliad employee checks the receipt for payment. "But this idea gave negative results. The proposal is: to get rid of this system and to introduce a transport charge. A citizen pays it according to the declarative principle: if he is going to use his car, he pays via the United Payment and Information Space, bank, mail or in other ways," – the parliamentarian says.

It is also stated that the transport fee is not included in the motor vehicle inspection system in most of the countries. For example, it is included in the price of fuel in the US – the more a motorist drives, the more he pays. In some European countries, the transport tax is paid separately and depends on the amount of engine, the amount of horsepower or emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere.

As reported, a half of almost 3 million cars have not gone through the technical test this year. The drivers do not want to pay the road tax, which is more expensive than the fine for not undergoing the test. According to the results of ten months, 1 million 325 thousand technical tests were carried out, 215 thousand cars didn’t pass the test on the first try. Brake system malfunction was the main reason for the failure – more than 50% of all the tests. It turns out that more than 100,000 cars in Belarus experienced difficulties going through the vehicle inspection because of the brakes.