20 October 2018, Saturday, 8:12
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Dzianis Kazakevich: Once Society Consolidates, Regime Will Fall


Spring protests showed that Belarusians from different social groups can be together on the Square.

Public activist Dzianis Kazakevich wrote about this on Facebook:

"The most important problem of Belarus today is Lukashenka and the regime he created. The next acute problem is the split of the Belarusian society. The first problem carefully cultivates and deepens the second one.

Lukashenka likes to call himself a "leader," but he is not a leader; in fact, he is the destroyer of the Belarusian society. A leader is one who unites different groups of people on the basis of common values. "The Belarusian leader" can only divide.

To impart an atmosphere of mutual hatred, a carefully designed system is used: every section of our society is marked with a humiliating stigma. Financiers are a "crowd of fat cats." Businessmen (the basis of any healthy economy) are "lousy fleas." Politically active people (the engines of change) are "thugs." Those who love the Belarusian culture, are "sviadomiya" (socially conscious). Those who, strictly speaking, is one of the main pillars of the regime, are "pen-pushers."

Hatred breeds hatred, and some people call the whole layers of Belarusian society "lowbrows" and " riffraffs." In fact, this is exactly what Lukashenka needs. The regime holds on the split society; and on the contrary, once the society is consolidated, the regime will fall. A demo version of how this can be, we observed in the spring of this year, when people from the most diverse layers of the society united against Decree No. 3.

In his article, Mikalai Statkevich proposes to consolidate society around the following values: independence of Belarus, succession of power, democracy and fair elections, peace and military neutrality. "The fate of the country and each of us will depend on how quickly society will understand these obvious truths."