16 October 2018, Tuesday, 5:32
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Expert: Do You Know That "Your" Housing Really Belongs To State?


Why Belarusians have found themselves in a "communal trap".

The Soviet-style housing was meant to be completely state-owned and serviced by state-owned giant structures.

Today, the apartment owner is a person, but the whole ministry of housing and communal services maintains the apartment, and it is impossible for a simple person to influence its decisions.

Gas, heating, water, ventilation, electrical, television, telephone, sewerage, garbage removal, elevators, parking lots – the modern house is dead and has no price without it. But all of these are governed by the state in one way or another. So you, if you think about it, the housing itself does not belong to you, but only the right to live in it.

"Meanwhile, the cells in ant colonies built on state land are getting too expensive for an increasing number of so-called owners. Since the new year, the payment will increase by a quarter," – Mikhail Zalesski, an expert of the program Asabisty Kapital on the Belsat TV channel, adds.

It is predicted that instead of the current 58 rubles, next year communal bill will be 72 rubles for a standard two-room apartment. And what the structure of the communal structure will look like, and how officials plan to solve problems of housing and communal services, you may find out from the program Asabisty Kapital.