21 February 2019, Thursday, 20:11
Appeal of the BPR Rada

Aliaksandr Mekh: I Came To Court Seeking Justice, Not Acquittance


The Kobryn activist is fighting against police lawlessness.

The Brest regional court considered a complaint of Aliaksandr Mekh, a public activist from Kobryn, who, on May 11, was fined 5 basic units for "insubordination to police officers" by the Kobryn district court.

According to Brest Spring, Mekh disagreed with the district court decision and this time he tried to prove to the regional court that he had not committed what he was accused of. On the contrary, some policemen in black masks had attacked him, inflicted bodily injury on him, causing harm to his health.

"I came to court seeking justice, and not acquittance. The police officers are lying and they had no reasons for breaking into the apartment, we were attacked by masked people... The only explanation for their actions is that they were removing the bug we had found in the apartment," – Ales Mekh told the court about the circumstances of the incident.

Nevertheless, on November 30, regional court judge Valiantsina Kunitskaya without any hesitation decided to leave the Kobryn district court decision unchanged, and the complaint of public activist Aliaksandr Mekh was not satisfied.