15 November 2018, Thursday, 16:45
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Lukashenka awards officers of training center, where Aliaksandr Korzhych died


Six officers from Pechy were awarded with medals For Honorable Service.

The governor of Belarus signed Decree No. 423, which can become a record for the number of officers who received awards. Among the awardees there are also representatives of the 72nd training center – the very one where the soldier Aliaksandr Korzhych died, the website belaruspartisan.org reports.

Six representatives of the scandalous training center were awarded with medals For Honorable Service of various class. These are the head of the center for physical training and sports, teachers, officers responsible for technical support. Probably, they are not directly related to the death of the soldier Korzhych (or better say soldiers, because criminal cases have also been initiated on earlier facts of the death of the conscripts). However, it is hardly appropriate to reward those who could not help but know what was happening in the training center for their honorable service, considering they were silent and covered the incidents.

It is noteworthy that the officers of the General Staff and the central apparatus of the Defense Ministry, whose task is to monitor the situation in the troops, were also awarded. Officers of the Information Department of the Directorate of Ideological Work of the Ministry of Defense, who carefully concealed the scale of hazing in the army, also received their medals.

Decrees on the awarding of military personnel are formal and routine in our country: many have more medals than participants in military operations. However, in the midst of public outrage over the scale of hazing in the army, Lukashenka's decree on awarding military officers can hardly be considered appropriate.