22 October 2018, Monday, 13:51
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Decree on "Spongers" to Affect Not Only the Unemployed


The new decree can be even more "severe."

Almost a month ago, on November 9, the Minister of Labor and Social Protection Iryna Kastsevich announced that the draft of the updated decree on "spongers" was under consideration in the Lukashenka Administration and would be signed the other day.

But four weeks passed and there is still no official version of the decree. The story starts resembling events on the eve of the rising of 1863 when there were rumors about various tsarist decrees on abolition of serfdom and one was out of reach of the people.

Why do the authorities publish at least the working version of "updated" decree No. 3? And what surprises do they prepare for the Belarusians?

The former Minister of Labor Aliaksandr Sasnou answers questions of Charter97.org.

- In your opinion, why has "new" Decree No. 3 not yet been signed by Lukashenka?

- He wants to play hockey and do not read any nonsense.

- Will the decree be signed?

- Yes, of course... Nothing will stop him from filling the treasury which is completely empty and misses funds to support the police and special services.

- Minister Kastsevich said that the decree would implement the principle "You do not work - you pay for the services of the state". What will Belarusians not lucky to have no job have to pay for?

- Everything's possible. In fact, there will be more spheres to pay for than one could imagine.

Let's take, for instance, a kindergarten, a school, a college education, then a university, trips to a pediatric doctor. Everything can become paid. Rest after school, medical prevention, out-of-school leisure are also count. There is enough space to develop one's imagination. And I do not mention adult "spongers"!

- And how legitimate such fees are? After all, the Constitution provides the right to study, rest, health...

- You know, terms "legal" and "illegal" in relation to the Belarusian situation are not serious. If the authorities need something, especially money, they will spit on the law. The Communists were the first to practice it.

But it is still not late to say whether it is fair or not. And one can say that new Decree No. 3 is absolutely missing logics, reasonableness. This is an ordinary robbery of the people disguised as a formula for "compensation of services."

- Well, how will it look like in practice? Will different groups be created in kindergartens for "clean" and "unclean"? Different classes at schools?

- It sounds like that. The situation with children of "spongers" will remind something of the Gulag. There was an ALGERIA - Akloma camp for wives of traitors to the Motherland.

Something of this kind now they want to practice in Belarus. And what do you want from our authorities? This people have neither honor, nor conscience - they have nothing but an itch for gain.

- And what will happen to "main" spongers?

- There are lots of "points to practice it": health care sphere, for calling an ambulance. One can drive up prices for communal and utility services. After all, the state claims that it covers a part of the housing and communal services. And "spongers" will have to pay in full. This may apply to any other non-transparent fees and duties (and there is the majority of them in the country). Someone will "recall" that our state allegedly compensates part of the road tax and, "spongers" will drive, as foreigners, paying in full.

- But how then to organize control over such a large number of payments? Last time, after all, the authorities failed with the usual one-time tax.

- Yes, it's all very interesting, because the mechanism is completely incomprehensible.

I do not see any technical moments to divide people into "honest" and "dishonest". Therefore, as a person with such views, it is difficult for me to determine what the authorities will do to realize their wild ideas.

But, be careful, they will come up with something in the end. In their favor, of course. Not to offend "your loved ones". To support only privileged families.

Our country runs under the following scenario: to make those who are absolutely innocent pay for the lavish life of the people in power. Let's consider, for instance, car enthusiasts. To bring a good car - not a "bucket with nails" of Russian production - you have to pay a fee that equals to the cost of the car itself. Is it invented to fight "spongers"? It is against all Belarusians.

Then the car should be put on the register - one has to pay. Then a medical certificate is required. The older the person is, the more often a person has to pass medical examination - and each time he has to pay. Then follows this stupid tax on participation in the traffic. Then a motor vehicle inspection follows. Who does need it? Today everything is fine with the car, and tomorrow I should have my brake hose fixed. The motor vehicle inspection does not resolve the situation. But it is "needed" to collect money from people.

In general, we face the circus in the social plan in the country. I think they prepare something like an increase in customs clearance for motorists: it will be just wild, illogical, destructive and will affect not only those who are now considered "spongers".