19 October 2018, Friday, 2:16
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You’ll Pay Always And Everywhere: Five Changes In Decree On "Parasites"

Here is what the "updated" Decree № 3 looks like.

85 years ago, on December 4, 1932, the Soviet Union adopted a decree prohibiting to grant food cards to suckerdoms and parasites.

"Those, who do not work, do not eat" – that was the motto of the Soviet state, vkurier.by writes.

In the 1930s, peasants appeared to be suckerdoms and parasites: they had to be put in such conditions that they would forget about resistance to the collective farms and accept their fate.

The current Decree No. 3 "On the Prevention of Social Dependence", adopted in April 2015, touches almost every Belarusian family.

We remind that, according to this document, the Belarusian state tried to surcharge 20 basic units (360 rubles) from the people who are not officially employed. In total, almost half a million people received notifications demanding payment of the tax on parasitism ("the fee to finance government spending").

At the end of winter – the beginning of spring in 2017, a series of mass street rallies against the "Decree on Parasites" took place in Belarus.

On August 3, listening to the report on the demographic situation and the promotion of employment, Lukashenka stated again that the updated law should have been prepared by October 1. At that, according to Aliaksandr Lukashenka, the main burden of executing the decree on parasites should be assumed by officials of the local executive committees (previously this function was laid on tax inspections).

Later, Minister of Taxes and Levies Siarhei Nalivaika stressed that the new version of the decree focuses on assisting in employment to those who want to find work, and on returning to society the people leading an antisocial life. However, Minister of Labor and Social Protection Iryna Kastsevich related a different story. According to her, the government proposes to implement the principle "If you do not work – you have to pay for services." In other words, it is supposed that "parasites" will pay fully for the services subsidized at the expense of the state budget.

5 changes to be made in the Decree No. 3 "on parasites"

1. Kindergarten

In addition to paying for food, parents will have to pay for educational and communal services provided by the preschool education institution.

2. School

Parents do not pay for the education of children at school, although they have to buy textbooks. But if the proposal of the Ministry of Labor is adopted, the "parasites" will have to pay for the services of the secondary educational institution.

3. Vocational and higher education

Children whose parents are recognized as "parasites" will not be able to receive the budgetary training in their specialty.

4. Healthcare

If a person does not work, then he is deprived of free medical services. The emergency medical care will be provided to everyone, for example, the appendicitis will be operated, but the cancer will not be treated with expensive medications at the expense of the state.

5. Housing

"Parasites" will pay full utility fare.

In addition, the updated version of Decree No. 3 was renamed as "On the Promotion of Employment". And also it is precisely known, that efforts will be reinforced to "reveal the citizens who are not involved in economy, but have income."