15 November 2018, Thursday, 16:45
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Liubou Luniova: People Believe That BT Is Less-Than-Honest

Liubou Luniova

The Belarus people trust the independent media.

The Savietski district court of Minsk found Liubou Luniova and Dzmitry Krauchuk guilty under Art. 22.9 of the Administrative Code (violation of the law on the media) and punished each journalist with a fine of 40 basic units (920 rubles).

"We can argue with today's judicial sentence," – Liubou Luniova says in the "Hottest Comment" on the Belsat TV channel.

According to the journalist, the police officers, who have drawn up the protocols, had no evidence.

"They did not find a reference link to those pictures taken near the Savietski court, – she says. – The policemen said that they had allegedly seen the footage on the Belsat website, but they did not present any links or screenshots to the court."

Liubou Luniova says that the state goes all lengths to deprive Belsat reporters of the opportunity to fulfill their journalistic duties.

"Sometimes sellers at the Kamarouski market, or somewhere else, tell me that political police case officers have asked them to phone if they see Belsat journalists," – the journalist says.

But the people do not trust the state:

"Last week, when we came to public hearings in Frunzenski district, the people asked us straight off: "Aren’t you two-faced wights from the state TV?" I did not even find what to say – I did not know the people take BT like that."